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Find the right prices on the freight market

loadboard 2.png is a nationwide interactive map that allows businesses, logistics, and the trucking industry to see forecast estimated freight prices to optimize logistics.

Corporate short-term estimated spot rate forecasts are updated daily based on freight density by locations, transportation, warehousing, and inventory. Estimating budgets for shippers, how much brokers should pay the carriers, and cash flow for carriers providing transportation services. Check the prices of the two closest towns if you are interested in a location that is not on the map. Weekend rates are not available. 

The Map.png is trusted by:


Owner - operators can show you the value of your truck on the road. We have a major network of carriers and brokers. is collecting reports for actual moving freight and rates. Trucking is a challenging business.


We are the only tool for you to increase your booking and your sales. Be a part of our network.


Carriers, here you can get the most accurate rates for your dispatchers.


Get a better picture of the market. Preparation is the key to successful logistics.


Brokers can help you to optimize the prices with your customer.


Develop a value-based pricing strategy, where your customer's willingness to pay determines the price you charge.


A customer can find out how much it costs to hire a truck.
Don't let the brokers take advantage of you and charge you more for transportation. Brokerage involves a great deal of speculation.
You can save money by minimizing your transportation costs.

Capture.PNG Impact

Boyan Petev

Great tool. It helps our dispatchers

Todd Wolf

Fair and accurate rates. We use it a lot.

Ashley Smith

We use it every day. The map helps

Valeri Polaski

I keep the map open all day. My coworkers are using it too.

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